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The CSU Wheat Breeding and Genetics Program is staffed by an extremely capable and dedicated team of researchers. Overall, our team has over 100 years of combined experience in wheat breeding spanning the spectrum from applied plant breeding, field trial management, seed production, genetics, experimental design and statistics, field phenotyping, end-use quality analysis, DNA marker analysis, wheat genomics, and bioinformatics. Our team is highly collaborative and dedicated to the improvement of wheat varieties and germplasm for the producers and industry that support our work. Information on our team members may be found below.

Scott D. Haley, Ph.D. 
Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics
Wheat Breeder and Project Leader
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img_4545John Stromberger
Senior Research Associate
Wheat Quality Laboratory Manager and
Field Trial Management

seifertScott Seifert
Research Associate IV
Greenhouse Manager and Field
Trial Management

Emily Hudson-Arns
Research Associate IV
Genotyping Lab Manager and Field
Trial Management

toriVictoria (Tori) Anderson
Research Associate IV
Bioinformatics/Genomics and Field
Trial Management

meenaMeenakshi Santra, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate
Doubled Haploid Lab Manager

hongHong Wang
Research Associate III
Doubled Haploid Lab Support

Zaki Afshar
M.S. Graduate Student
Thesis Research – Disease Resistance Evaluation in Winter Wheat

Brad Pakish
M.S. Graduate Student
Thesis Research – Wheat Stem Sawfly Resistance in Winter Wheat

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