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Scott D. Haley, Ph.D.
Professor and Wheat Breeder

Scott Haley serves as project leader of the wheat breeding and genetics program at Colorado State University. His research focuses on the genetic improvement of hard red and hard white winter wheat for yield, end-use quality, and biotic and abiotic stresses prevalent in Colorado and the central and southern Great Plains. Since arriving at CSU in 1999, 32 new varieties and 2 new germplasm lines have been released as a result of research under his direction. His teaching responsibilities include graduate level courses in plant breeding and genetics and he also serves as the faculty adviser to the CSU Agronomy Club.

Contact Information

Scott D. Haley
Soil and Crop Sciences Department
C-136 Plant Science Building
1170 Campus Delivery
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

(970) 491-6483 (office)
(970) 217-0562 (mobile)
(970) 491-0564 (fax) (e-mail)
Wheat Breeding Home Page (web site)
@CSUWheatGuy (Twitter)

Curriculum Vitae

Agroecosystems of Tomorrow Podcast (October 2018)


CSU Future of Food Interview (April 2018)

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